What I Use

Here is a little sampling of the tools I use for the various tasks that need getting done as a college student and blogger (when I remember to).


At a college, especially a liberal one like the one I go to (Lawrence University), I would say it seems like the vast majority of people use Macs. I, on the other hand, prefer the large library of games on services like Steam and the way of getting things done in Windows 7, so I use a PC. My primary computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad W520.

Blogging Software

When I’m on the PC, I use Windows Live Writer (free). I find it’s much easier to use and nicer looking than the interface online for WordPress.com, my host.

When I’m on a Mac, the blogging software of choice for me is Daniel Jalkut at Red Sweater Software’s MarsEdit ($39.95). He has been an internet friend of mine for a while and always provides me with helpful tips on developing in Cocoa for iOS and Mac OS X, so I’m glad to repay the favor by using his excellent software. It truly is the mac equivalent to Windows Live Writer.

Music Streaming

I’ve played the field with this several times, but lately I’ve switched back away from the paid version of Spotify to the free version, which I use only on the computer. For a while now, Google Music has been good enough on my phone that I don’t really need anything else. This is nice, because then I don’t have to pay$9.99 a month to Spotify.


I LOVE my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (LTE) with vanilla Android 4.0.



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