Internet Fun: Smax714

I stumbled upon this gem by accident. Hopefully, by the time I’m done here, you’ll understand both why I found this by accident, and why I call it a gem.

It all started with a video titled “Llamas with Hats 5.” This was a clever, if a little backhanded, way of marketing his channel. He knew that viewers would click through the videos in the popular “Llamas with Hats” series and – expecting more—continue to his own videos. Unfortunately, this was not met with happiness.

Consisting of nothing but images of the two characters from the “Llamas with Hats” videos superimposed on different settings and backed by the Nintendo Store theme song, “Llamas with Hats 5” was nothing but a blatant rip-off of a far better original. However, things got interesting from there.

Smax’s videos now attempt to redirect people from a number of legitimate topics, but all end in the same place: a collage commenting on the remix culture and shallow attitude of the YouTube and the internet at large.


About Nathan Lawrence

Technology journalist, film critic, and student. My dream is to write and direct serious independent film.

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