A Fun Little Idea: Comment Helpers

Thanks to the internet’s mash-up (or pastiche, depending on to whom you speak) culture, I think that jokes like this can be powerful and have the ability to go a long way. Here’s the idea: the next time you are feeling something that can most easily be represented by these brief and (often) humorous video clips, don’t just explain how you feel: post or comment with a link to the video, or even embed it. This should be a fun way to help express frequently felt emotions across our little internet.

I imagine these getting more use as sarcasm than actual, genuine emotion, but that’s why they’re perfect for the internet!


Some Examples

If someone gives you an underhanded compliment:

If someone complains about something stupid:

That last one is actually really interesting because it comes from an old home movie I made with my brother and friends. That’s right; the terrible actor is me.

If you want to say something is awesome:

That’s just a few examples. To see all of them, you can visit my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NathanBLawrence?feature=mhee


About Nathan Lawrence

Technology journalist, film critic, and student. My dream is to write and direct serious independent film.

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